Songs and Music

After many years of playing guitar and singing here and there, mostly in the back room of my house, I started writing songs and playing around with recording them. The tracks you’ll find below are mostly very simply produced–usually just vocal and one guitar, some with some added vocals and accompaniment. (The two physical objects that have given me the most joy in my entire life, quite likely, are my Taylor 355 12-string, which I managed to acquire almost 20 years ago, and the 1963 Martin D-18 that my wife and I inherited from her grandparents.)

The songs I’ve written usually start their lives as poems. I’ve become fascinated by the process of making poems into singable lyrics, finding tunes, and all the rest. If you’d like to hear me talk more about this and perform, for any audience of one or above, please let me know.

Here’s one of the most recent ones. Yes, it’s about the shirt I’m wearing below, among many other things. Links to many more are below.

My YouTube Channel I’ve been using this lately, both for originals and cover tunes.

My SoundCloud Channel This has three sets of tunes, from my latest three books of poems: Without a Plea (2019), Abandoned Homeland (2015), and Somewhere Near Defiance (2014). The sound quality gets better as you get closer to the present.

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